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To create a national interdisciplinary platform for facilitating interactive learning between various individuals, facilities, stakeholders and government agencies to improve the quality of healthcare. NQOCN POCQI alliance of practice will be guided by the working principle- “All Teach and All Learn”.

Community overview

The NQOCN POCQI India Community of Practice will represent a friendly platform for sharing the recent evidence-based information, thoughts, innovative ideas and experiences of likeminded passionate members who are working towards improving the quality of healthcare. This will help in capacity building of the community members and serve as a source of constant encouragement. The knowledge gained through participation in the wide range of COP activities will be helpful in generating innovative and meaningful ideas. Additionally, it will also provide a platform to troubleshoot and mentor ongoing improvement projects, share successful improvement ideas and document
new practical learnings of improvement science. The COP will create a pool of experts in the field of quality improvement (QI) across India, who could serve as a catalyst for similar improvement at national and international levels. This, in turn, will have the potential to
favourably impact the outcomes of care across various health care settings in other low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).


1. To work together towards the shared objective of quality improvement in the health care system that is safe, effective, patient-centred, efficient, timely, and equitable.

2. To connect state, national and international experts of QI on a common platform.

3. To create a repository of research documents, guidelines and innovations particularly in POCQI/QI.

4. To develop a culture of QI and contribute to the health system strengthening across the country.

5. To provide a psychologically safe and positive environment to brainstorm, develop and
implement innovative QI initiatives to bring about meaningful change.

6. To identify and nurture talented and promising QI practitioners.

7. To begin a Quarterly Journal for publishing successful QI projects and QI learnings from members.

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