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Yesterday I was listening to my daughter speaking on " Is their any right age to chase your dreams?" as part of her school activity. She wasn't in favour of any right age to follow the dream and so am I. Every age is perfect age to follow our dreams.

Our age should never be a stumbling block in the way of us, going after what we want. There is no age limit for learning as well.

We all have dreams and thoughts on things we want to do or have in our lives. Most of us reflect on them often, imagining and wishing they could become reality. Well, they can! We just have to work for it. 

I'm confident enough to say that every health care professional especially involved in maternal and child care,from the day they joined have always dreamt about improving the quality of healthcare in this field. Even though they tried it by enhancing their professional knowledge and clinical skills, still there was a void deep inside them. 

Then for we all  dreamers, came the concept of quality improvement in healthcare! We all learnt quality improvement methodology step by step under the guidance and supervision of NQOCN India. We had been provided several platforms to fulfill our dream of improving health care and contributing towards reducing maternal and child morbidity and mortality. Quality champions worked at all levels from peripheral health care centers to  medical colleges across the country. There was no boundary earlier and still there is none of age, region, institutional background, professional qualification, language etc. From all over India, medical and paramedical healthcare professionals including ASHA workers and ANMs are coming with their successful quality improvement projects. All quality champions are so happy and satisfied to get the chance to contribute towards improving quality of healthcare which they always dreamt of.

On behalf of all quality trainees who were trained under NQOCN, India l pay my gratitude to all our mentors who trained us , guided us and provided the opportunity to chase and fulfill our dreams . We are also thankful for  providing a platform as NQOCN POCQI COP to share our experiences and thoughts! 

I would conclude that, we must see our dreams as our goals that we must plan for and achieve. Fighting for what we endear and aspire gives us the courage and enthusiasm to achieve them. As Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has rightly said," a dream is not what you see in sleep, a dream is something that doesn't let you sleep"

And quality improvement is one such  dream which never lets anyone sleep. We pursued and achieved it !

Dr Prabha Kumari Ranjan Consultant OBGYN Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Pitampura Delhi

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