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The H Factor : A Mother's Perspective (Jyotsna Srivastava)


The 'Key 'word for a Healthy Baby is HAPPINESS.

A 'New life' growing inside each day in a mother's womb sharing all emotions fresh air and diet intake .

The infinite 'Bond 'of sharing continues for months .

It is very essential for the expectant mother to be happy.

Well , I am a mother of two children a daughter and a son .

During my first pregnancy days , I would try to create 'Happy' moments around me

I would indulge in activities, that made me relaxed and happy sometimes I visited the terrace and surrounded myself with greenery and flowers and also nibble my fresh fruits sitting and enjoying the awesome breeze and sunlight.

Some times ,I listened to my favorite music , meditate, even create a painting and read a book .

Besides being very aware of the role of a balanced diet , rest , proper sleep , some exercise under guidance , I paid great attention to my 'Happiness factor' in these months.

I was staying at my parents home during these months. My husband was away for his duty at a far distant city.

I got all the love ,care and guidance of my parents, which is so much needed in these months .

Even with my 'low moods ' sometimes , I consciously made an effort to immediately swing back and be happy .

Soon it was time for the 'New Guest 'to arrive

The wonderful moment a mother waits for ,

My daughter entered our lives ,

When I saw her first time I could see the 'TWINKLE ' of Happiness in her eyes .The joy I felt was cannot be explained .

When she was a month and a half she smiled at us and in her 'smile' I could see the Happiness that had been passed on to her,

I felt so blessed!


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